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THE BONN CENTER FOR DEPENDENCY AND SLAVERY STUDIES hosts the Cluster of Excellence “Beyond Slavery and Freedom”, which aims to overcome the binary opposition of “slavery versus freedom”. We approach the phenomenon of slavery and other types of strong asymmetrical dependency from methodologically and theoretically distinct perspectives.

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Wann 15.07.2021 00:00 bis
16.07.2021 23:00
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Social structures that are shaped by asymmetrical dependency can be identified in all periods of human history. The workshop seeks to explore the potential as well as the limits of textual sources within approaches to a (comparative) analysis of these structures. Fictional and non-fictional narratives across different text types and genres provide insights into the experience of asymmetrical dependency, into justifications drawn upon to maintain asymmetrical dependency as well as into attempts to abolish or modify these structures. In the workshop on “Narratives of Dependency” scholars from a wide range of disciplines – including Literary Studies, Egyptology, Theology, American Studies and Anthropology as well as Ancient, Eastern European and Ottoman History – discuss narratives addressing asymmetrical dependency in terms of their contexts, structures and potential functions.

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