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ONMYNDA - Workshop

This year, the Mythology Conference traditionally associated with Aarhus will be hosted by the Scandinavian Section of the Department for German and Comparative Literature of Bonn University, after having taken place in Zurich and Aberdeen respectively in the previous years.

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The Bonn conference will be organised as an individual workshop financed by the EU within the COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research)-Programme: “Medioevo Europeo: Medieval Cultures & Technological Resources” with the aim of professionalising the use of modern information- and communication technologies (ICT) within Medieval studies. The final goal of Medioevo Europeo is the creation of a “Virtual Centre for Medieval Studies” (VCMS) as an online portal and platform allowing a centralised access to all aspects of medieval culture via digitalised manuscripts, texts, author repertories, bibliographies, libraries and dictionaries.

For several years now, a database for the “Pre-Christian Religions of the North Project“ has been in the planning, and the present workshop should help and clarify several points within this project before it reaches realisation stage, at the same time keeping in mind all possibilities and necessities for interoperability to other European databases as facilitated by the COST-Action.

While concentrating on the problems of a database on “Pre-Christian Religions of the North” from the point of view of philology, archaeology, and comparative religion, some room shall also be given to a presentation and discussion of other aspects of Pre-Christian Religions of the North.

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