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ONMYNDA - Programme

Here is the programme for the 2012 Mythology Conference in Bonn

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Friday, 19th Oct. 2012

9:00 Registration, Coffee

10.00 Rudolf Simek: Introduction

10:15 Opening addresses

10:45 Luke John Murphy: „Reference Works in Twenty-First Century: The Pre-Christian Religions of the North Project and Electronic Sources“

11:30 Tarrin Wills, Lisa Nitsche: „Designing and Managing Projects with Complex Data: The Experience of the Skaldic Project and a Way Forward for the Myth Project“

12:45 – 13.45 Lunch

13:45 Margaret Clunies Ross: “Understanding Old Norse Mythology in the Digital Age - How the Skaldic Database Can Help”

14:30 Jari Töppich: "Putting the Ghost in the Machine. Building Ontologies Examplified by Latin Sources"

15:15 Frog: "Interpretation, Hierarchy and Scope: "Challenges for Cross-Disciplinary Indexing and Indexing Methodologies"

16:00 – 16.15 Coffee

16:15 Leszek Gardela: "Creating the Archaeological Sources Database for the PreChristian Religions of the North Project"

17:00 John Lindow: "A Machine-aided Search for Mythic Echoes"

17:45 Panel Discussion: "Documenting Data, Managing Mythology: Putting the Archaeology into the PCR Project"

Saturday, 20th Oct. 2012

09.30 John McKinnell: "Heathen gods and Christian kings - a sketch for a digital analysis"

10.15 Jens Peter Schjødt: "The notions of Model, Structure, and Discourse as tools for the (Re)construction of old norse Religion"

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee

11:30 Stefan Brink: "Usage of Myth in Society"

12:15 Anna Kaiper: "Fafnir and others - motif of transhumanic changes in the body of a hero. Comparison of medieval Scandinavian literature and modern mass culture"

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 Judy Quinn: "The Usurping of Wisdom: Sigrdrífumál and the Teaching of Runic Knowledge"

14:45 Karen Bek-Pedersen: "What is Equivalence? - Translating meaning and being in Old Norse verse"

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee

16:00 Sabine Walther: "What is a Myth? On Defining Myth for 13th Century Iceland"

16:45 Bergdís Þrastardóttir: "The matter of structure. The composition of the ‘conversion’ and ‘pagan contact’ þættir in Flateyjarbók."

17:30 Henning Kure: "Son of Bestla: Family Ties and Figure of Speech"