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Studia Medievalia Septentrionalia (SMS) Band 10

Runes, Magic and Religion - A sourcebook

Studia Medievalia Septentrionalia (SMS)

Herausgegeben von Rudolf Simek

Band 10 MCKinnel, Simek, Düwel (Hrsg.): Runes, Magic and Religion - A sourcebook.
Wien 2004, 224 Seiten.
ISBN: 978-3-900538-81-1

The present source book offers a survey of all types of runic inscriptions with religious or magical connotations from the earliest periods to the late Middle Ages, from runes on weapons and jewellery to runic gravestones and Christian runic amulets. It is intended as a scholarly anwer against the common misconceptionn of the supposedly dominant use of runes in magic. The present volume is structured in 15 units which enable its use as an aid to teaching without being excessively comprehensive.

In addition to the chapters on the different types of sources and the magical vocabulary, introductory chapters on the development of runes, a bibliography and several indices intend to make this volume an aid for the onn-esoteric approach to the study of runes in a magico-religious context.