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Studia Medievalia Septentrionalia (SMS) Band 11

Vikings on the Rhine - Recent Research on Early Medieval Relations between the Rhinelands and Scandinavia

Studia Medievalia Septentrionalia (SMS)

Herausgegeben von Rudolf Simek

Band 11 Simek, Engel (Hrsg.): Vikings on the Rhine - Recent Research on Early Medieval Realtions between the Rhineland and Scandinavia
Wien 2004, 223 Seiten.
ISBN: 978-3-900538-83-5

The Rhine, a major European thouroughfare even in the Middle Ages, provided the Vikings with a convenient inroad into the heart of power and wealth of the Carolingian empire.

This volume unites articles on many topics related to the relationship between the Vikings and the Rhineland: on ships and shipping as well as Charlemagne's maritime defence, historical background information on the socio-economical situation of the Rhineland at the time, but also archaeological data on the Viking hoards recentliy found in the Netherlands and the spectacular remains of a Viking attack on the imperial manor at Zutphen in Holland.