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Sie sind hier: Startseite Veranstaltungsarchiv Tagung "Barbarism Revisited: New Perspectives on an Old Concept", 29.05.–01.06.2012 Tagung "Barbarism Revisited: New Perspectives on an Old Concept". Organisiert von Dr. Maria Boletsi und Prof. Dr. Christian Moser, 29.05. - 01.06.2012, Universität Leiden

Tagung "Barbarism Revisited: New Perspectives on an Old Concept". Organisiert von Dr. Maria Boletsi und Prof. Dr. Christian Moser, 29.05. - 01.06.2012, Universität Leiden



Wednesday, May 30


12:00-13:00: Registration (Academiegebouw, ground floor)
13:00-13:30: Welcoming words by conference organizers (Academiegebouw, Klein Auditorium)

13:30-15:00: Keynote lecture by Prof. François Hartog: “The Greeks, the Barbarians, the Others in the antiquity and beyond” (Academiegebouw, Klein Auditorium)

15:30-18:00: Parallel Panels: Barbarism historically: the concept’s genealogy

Panel I: Conceptual and cultural histories of barbarism (Lipsius, room 147)

Markus Winkler: Towards a Cultural History of Barbarism from the 18th Century to the Present: Outlines of a Project

Paul Smith: A Short Conceptual History of Barbarism from the Perspective of Montaigne’s essay Des cannibals (1580)

Christian Moser: Barbarism as a Liminal Concept

Panel II: Barbarian configurations in classic and medieval settings (M. de Vrieshof 4, room 008a)

Miryana Dimitrova: ‘Barbarians’ on Julius Caesar’s Roman Stage: Revisiting the General’s Triumphs in the Light of Histrionic Presentation of Self and Enemy

Daniel Wendt: Laughing at the Barbarians: On Barbarism and Humour in Ancient Greece and Rome

Carla Dauven-van Knippenberg / Clara Strijbosch: Evil Pleasures. Barbarian Behaviour in Medieval Texts

Elke Brüggen & Franz-Josef Holznagel: Des künic Etzelen man – The Huns in Fritz Lang’s Silent Movie Classic Kriemhilds Rache and in the Nibelungenlied.

19:00: Conference Dinner (Scheltema Complex)

Thursday, May 31


09:00-11:00: Parallel Panels: Aesthetics and Enlightenment

Panel I: The aesthetics and ethics of the barbarian (Lipsius, room 148)

Reinhard M. Möller: Sublime Barbarism? Affinities between the Barbarian and the Sublime in 18th Century Aesthetics

Tim Albrecht: Trusting Barbarians in Franz Grillparzer’s Das goldene Vließ (1819)

Ingrid Hanson: William Morris’s Barbarians and the Ethics of Beautiful War

Panel II: Barbarian (de)constructions of state and religion (M. de Vrieshof 4, room 008a)

Madeleine Kasten: European Enlightenment and its Muslim Other: Constructing the Barbarian in Voltaire’s Mahomet ou le fanatisme (1741)

Steven Howe: “Der Sitz der jungen, lieblichen Gefühle, um eines Wahns, barbarisch – ”: Savagery, Barbarism and the Revolutionary State in Heinrich von Kleist’s Penthesilea (1808)

Christian Cwik & Verena Muth: Barbarisation of Caribbean Amerindians in the 18th century

11:00-11:30: Coffee/tea (Academiegebouw, ground floor)

11:30-13:00: Keynote lecture by Prof. Natalie Melas “Barbarian Conversions: Nature, Form and the Primitive Within” (Academiegebouw, Klein Auditorium)

13:00-14:00: Lunch (Lipsius restaurant, ground floor)

14:00-15:30: Parallel Panels: Barbarians across cultures

Panel I: Barbarian constructions in literary narratives (Lipsius, room 148)

Bill Stratton: ‘Sustained by his fellow men:’ Barbarism and Ever-Present Spectre of the American Frontier.

Omar Moumni: Barbary Captivity Narratives and Resistance in Early English Fiction

Panel II: Barbarian constructions beyond Europe (M. de Vrieshof 4, room 008a)

Priya Swamy: Tantrism and the ‘Hindu Barbarian’

Sinkwan Cheng: The Return of the Barbarians: Chinese Subaltern Discourse after 1858

16:30-18:00: Evening lecture by Prof. Terry Eagleton: “The Barbarian in the Citadel” (Academiegebouw, Groot Auditorium)

12:00- 22:00: “Cultuur?Barbaar!” (whole-day parallel art event at Scheltema Complex)

Friday, June 1


10:00-12:00: Parallel Panels: Barbarian methodologies and modes of theorizing

Panel I: Barbarism in Walter Benjamin’s thought (Lipsius, room 148)

Christopher Leslie: Benjamin and the Stages of Civilization

Georgios Sagriotis: Barbarians and their Cult: On Walter Benjamins Concept of New Barbarism.

Eric Jarosinski: “‘Barbarism? Yes, Indeed.’: Cultivating Walter Benjamin’s Unruly Interventions”

Panel II: Barbarism and/in modernity (M. de Vrieshof 4, room 008a)

Anna-Maria Valerius: “Barbarians Betwixt and Between. Funerary Rites and Mourning in post-World War II literature”

Marco de Waard: Mr. Sammler’s Creaturely Planet: Rethinking Barbarism and Civilization

Rico Sneller: Paving a Way to the Barbarian Mind Set. Goldensohn’s Nuremberg Interviews Compared to Bataille’s Approach of Gilles de Rais, Erzebeth Bathory and Marquis de Sade.

12:00-13:00: Lunch (Lipsius restaurant, ground floor)

13:00-15:00: Parallel Panels: Barbarism today - from critique to creativity?

Panel I: Barbarism in contemporary rhetoric (Lipsius, room 148)

Liesbeth Minnaard: A Novel of Multicultural Downfall, Or Pushing the Rhetoric of Threat in the Debate on Migration To Its Limits

Nikos Patelis: “’Ultimi Barbarorum’: Eloquence and Subjectivity in 21st century Social Movements.”

Terri R. Baker: Barbarism and Religion in Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall

Panel II: Barbarian interventions in art, sociology, and literature (M. de Vrieshof 4, room 008a)

Marjan Groot: BioDesign as Creative Barbaric Intervention

Eveline Reisenauer: The Simultaneity of the Non-Simultaneous